Get Started now!
Get Started now!

Hi there,

Welcome to Level Up! again. This is the site where you will get the truly multiplayer game experience. The games on offer from Level Up are all very simple to play and you can play them usually FREE of cost or for very low cost.

To get started the following are the steps you need to take:
1) Choose a game on the Level Up! India website (

2) Get the game CD or the game Client (Read the section on Get Game CD to find out how to get this)

3) Install the game, Insert the CD into the CD drive and copy the game client on to your Computer. Click the game file and the game installation process will automatically guide you through the installation.

4) To Register, follow the below steps:
- Log on to Level Up! India Website
- Choose a game from "Our Games" list
- Click on "Register to play" to create your account for the game.
- After filling in the registration details, you can start playing the game with your username and password

5) Click the short cut icon on your computer´┐Żs desktop. This will appear automatically as you install the game on the computer as per the Install the game step above.

6) Start playing - Enter your user name and password and start playing

7) For any help or support you might need please refer to the Level Up! India website and individual game websites from there.

Please also register your tickets or call us on the Customer Support contacts detailed on the website. You can also try the Live chat on the website for some immediate support during the day.

You can also call us on 022-26732400 or e-mail us at

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